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Unlocking the potential of Norway’s Renewable Energy supply  

We create the infrastructure and the opportunity in remote locations, providing a platform for datacentres, battery technology and green industries to utilise the surplus, cheap, sustainable energy, bringing new revenue streams into the local economy, creating jobs, growing communities, and providing a brighter future for everyone.

The parks are underpinned by the Datacentre investment opening the door for other industries and usage. 

Our mission is to create Net Zero Carbon Energy Parks in locations where there is excess renewable energy supply. 
Why Infra Norway?

We operate on 100% renewable energy – Hydro Power / Wind Power

Focussed in the North where energy costs are significantly lower than that of the south / other countries and located in a cool climate means Datacentre operational costs can be reduced by as much as 70%

Tailored Solutions

We can cater for all types of datacentre requirement from powered land to Tier-3 Infrastructure, from colocation to complete ownership from managed to complete control. 

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